Jennie Franklin Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jennie Franklin Photography (Jennie Franklin Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT Jennie Franklin Photography: Blog 120 80 Wedding Compilation of Images I have put together my first slideshow of wedding images - this video is of just 6 of my bride and grooms - but I will be making more in the future! Just trying to get my head around all the technology of doing this first! ;) 

I know the music needs tweaking and is very repetitive - just pop it down a bit if it gets on your nerves!  Six minutes of images here - I do hope you enjoy! And if you do - please let me know in the comments box below - its always lovely hearing from people. Absolutely love being a wedding photographer in Dorset and Hampshire - we have such wonderful scenery to make beautiful images in! 

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Look up ....... Enjoy the World around you We are in a World of what seems like endless technology now.  I am sure there are very few people who don't own a smart phone, computer, laptop or tablet.  When I am shooting a wedding I see a sea of arms in the air yielding phones, i pads and compact cameras.  With the advent of digital and everything now being available immediately and at a touch (literally!) of a button - we all seem to want to capture every moment as it happens.  I do wonder though and get a little sad of what people could be missing in the "real world".   I spend a lot of my life employed as a wedding photographer so its my job to get those images, those magic moments between a couple/family/children etc as they happen, it doesn't matter if I don't hear every word of the vows a couple are giving, what's important is that I can record the visual - and then let that image do the talking when the newlyweds look through their wedding album. A picture paints a thousand words as they say!  

Sit on a train or a bus and look at how many heads are down engrossed in their phones or tablets, its the same scene in restaurants, passengers in cars and even parks!  When did we stop talking to each other with our mouths and listening with our ears??  When did we stop seeing what was going on in the World around us?  Everything we do we seem to have an incessant need to want to record and share online with our friends on social media.  We are so scared of missing something and busy typing it up that we don't realise that in fact whilst we are doing that - we are missing things!

Don't get me wrong - I am as guilty as the next person of this!  I am not saying to stop it completely - but just think it would be nice to LOOK UP more and see what is actually happening in the World around us.  Start smiling at people again; strike up conversations with people; make new friends; sit and ENJOY the sun going down; hear the words in the vows being given without worrying about messing with your smart phone.  Sit and people watch in the park or on the beach - we are a fascinating race!!  Experience nature wherever you are - and believe me nature is everywhere, but its not until you open your eyes and LOOK UP that you will truly start to see things that you never noticed before! 

I was in a shop this morning and an elderly lady struck up a conversation with me about the jumper she was holding and did I think it would suit her etc.... I thought about it afterwards and wondered how many younger people would do that? Sadly I think the answer is not very high.... and yet in just a few minutes I learned about her late husband, we talked (well in fact moaned!) about weight but then laughed and said as long as we were happy that's what mattered, she told me I had a lovely face and made me feel great!!! had my head been in my phone I wouldn't have had this lovely interaction which was lovely for me and for her :) 

So I am going to make a concerted effort to LOOK UP and take notice a lot more - it would be great if you joined me!

Its a great World out there - we just need to look up more!

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Burtlush Wedding! Leeanne & Jon I was very kindly recommended to Leeanne and Jon to cover their wedding - and boy am I glad I met this wonderful couple, family and their friends! 

A few months before the wedding Leeanne and I met at The Orchid hotel for a coffee and a chat about what she would like for her wedding images.  The main message that came across is that she wanted them to be full of fun and to document the wonderful time they would have on their wedding day.  

I started the day at Leeanne and Jons home to record the bride getting ready, then hot footed it down to Bournemouth Town Hall to catch the Grooms men for a few fun shots.

Leeanne arrived with her Father in a beautiful wedding converted VW camper van - simply gorgeous!

The Willows room in the Town Hall is stunning and lends itself beautiful to wedding images. After the ceremony we popped across the road to Bournemouth gardens for some group shots.  

The newly weds particularly wanted to visit the beach on their wedding day.  Leeanne had said to me a few days before the wedding "even if its raining a bit, I would like some beach pics please".  Well, it didnt rain - in fact the day was beautiful, but, what we didn't account for was a very very windy beach!   We got out of the car and the sand was stinging us - we only subjected ourselves to it for minutes but it was long enough to get some very windswept beach shots - well they did say they wanted fun! :)

Back to The Orchid Hotel for a wonderful Wedding Breakfast and great speeches.  Leeannes Mum read a poem which had everyone reaching for the kleenex!  

A superb evening "do" with everyone joining in with the dancing, they even had a hoopla spinning competition!

I wish Leeanne and Jon many many happy years as Mr & Mrs Burt

Your wedding was Lush!  In fact it was Burtlush!!  

Just a few from their lovely day:





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Preparing for Christmas babies! Probably the best time of year for children and babies - the magical time when Father Christmas arrives laden down with lots of gifts for them.  The house is decorated with colourful decorations and the tree is an endless source of fascination for little ones!

So..... I have been preparing for Christmas children, baby and family shoots in the studio.  Had great fun with Poppy, Theo and Lily on a promotional shoot.  Lily and Theo were not too much in the mood to smile, I think they were too interested in looking at all the "pretties" around them!  But smiling is not essential for a great portrait as I think you will agree from seeing the picture of Lily attached on the phone.  She was actually speaking to her granny who was trying to make her smile - I just loved the concentration on her face and carried on shooting!

Images make lovely presents for family at Christmas (or any time of year come actually!), and they are a wonderful reminder of their younger innocent days.

I am looking forward to a hectic but fun time with childrens bookings over the coming days and weeks - but always room for more if you would like your family or children done!? :) 


Christmas Photo Shoots On the phone to Santa!






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I'm Free!! So no Sunset!


Starting to get a little paranoid now about the weather hating me and my camera!  There have been some stunning sunsets this week - October is always the best month for them! 

All week I have been busy at sunset time - today I am  available......... so is the rain and cloud! Pah!

I now have that song running through my head "Always tomorrow...." you know the one with the sad film about the dogs and cats finding their way home...... 


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A day in Southampton chasing the sun! On a part commercial shoot and shooting for pleasure yesterday I headed off for Southampton and surrounding areas for some landscapes.  The weather in Bournemouth in the morning was absolutely glorious, so I grabbed my kit and jumped in the car!! 

One of the downsides of being a photographer when shooting outside is having the uncertainty of the weather - but this also adds to the excitement as well.  As I travelled towards the M27 with the New Forest each side of me, I was regretting not having grabbed my sunglasses, it was so bright.  I got to Southampton and it started clouding over a little, but not to be put off I drove on.  

As I got to the port area there was a huge sign saying "Queen Mary - Dock Gate 10"!! Brilliant!  I said all my thank you's to those who were obviously looking over me and made my way to where the QM was.  I entered a car park to find myself surrounded by high metal fencing - and although I could see her - there was no clear shot.  I got out of the car and the sky seemed to darken immediately.

Light is a photographers best friend, we spend hours waiting for "that" light, but I didnt have hours!  I tried a few shots - but knew they weren't what I wanted, so having wasted £2.30 on 2 hours parking for 10 minutes, I headed off again.  I spotted a multi storey car park and figured that if I drove to the top of it that would be a fantastic view of QM in all her glory, but as I approached the car park entrance I was waved down by a guy in a high viz jacket and told I couldnt go in the car park!  Great!! 

Thankfully I carried on round and went into the Town Quay and although the weather was still not with me I fired off some shots of her and was much happier with the view.  

As soon as I got back in my car and drove out of the city the sun came out in all her glory!!  

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